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At Manalapan Spine Care and Rehabilitation, we often help patients who are suffering with painful areas of muscle or trigger points. When muscles fail to relax, trigger points or knots of muscle develop that can radiate pain to other areas, necessitating treatment. We offer Trigger Point Injections prepared with Lidocaine, Cortisone or Sarapin, to help muscles relax and relieve pain. Many patients suffering with back, hip and neck pain experience relief.

In addition to Trigger Point Injections, Knee Joint Injections are offered with Viscosupplementation, Cortisone or Sarapin.

Therapeutic Massage at Manalapan Spine Care and Rehabilitation provides hands-on techniques in a warm and friendly environment to facilitate healing. Whether you want to relieve pain, enhance athletic performance, improve balance or promote relaxation, please call Donna Carollo, our Office Manager at 732-972-5900 to schedule an appointment.

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