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Manalapan Spine Care and Rehabilitation is proud to announce the addition of an Occupational Therapist to our team of wellness professionals.

Occupational Therapy is a health care profession that provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of existing conditions, with an emphasis on the ability to perform your daily functional tasks at home, work and play with increased independence and decreased pain.

Our Occupational Therapist specializes in conditions affecting the shoulders and hands, and uses a total body approach to treat conditions affecting the entire body to help you feel, perform and be your best.

She also specializes in Industrial Therapy to help prevent pain, injury and skeletal deformity from occurring in the future.

At Manalapan Spine Care and Rehabilitation, our passion is wellness and our mission is prevention.

Call us today and schedule an appointment with our OT or any member of our professional team. We are happy to help.


“Very comfortable & professional. They work with you for fitting you in if your schedule changes. The therapist Faiz is awesome!”  - Stella D.

“They are awesome. The staff is friendly and are very thorough with your care. Atmosphere makes physical therapy a lot easier to want to go to.” - Donna A.

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